Galeria Sandecja

Nowy Sącz, Poland

The operation of Galeria Sandecja has generally been satisfactory. Measured on the basis of figures for 2012, revenue in the centre was at index 99 and footfall at index 103 in 2013.

The opening of yet another shopping centre in the town at the end of the year intensified competition in Nowy Sącz. Therefore, TK Development is focusing on initiatives to maintain and step up the current development of the centre and is attempting to attract tenants by letting vacant premises under temporary leases. This helps boost the centre’s activity level and dynamics and ensures full occupancy. Efforts are simultaneously being made to conclude usual long-term lease agreements for the premises.

Major tenants: Carrefour, H&M, New Yorker, Reserved, Deichmann, Douglas,Camaieu, Carry, Euro RTV AGD.