Shareholder information

Dividends and dividend policy

TK Development’s long-term policy is to distribute a portion of the year’s profit as dividends, or alternatively, via a share repurchase programme. This will always be done with due regard for the Group’s capital structure, solvency, cash resources and investment plans. Moreover, the aim is to sell the Group's discontinuing activities as soon as possible. Net proceeds will be distributed to TK Development's shareholders.

Voting rights

The shareholders of TK Development A/S have one vote for each share amount of DKK 1 at General Meetings. Voting rights will be determined on the basis of the shares held by each shareholder as stated in the entry in the register of shareholders regarding the shareholder’s ownership on the record date (one week before the date of the General Meeting). Any notifications received by the Company from the shareholder for entry in, but not yet recorded in the register of shareholders, will also be taken into account.


The shares of TK Development A/S are freely transferable and negotiable instruments pursuant to Danish law and no restrictions apply to the transferability of the shares. No shareholder is under an obligation to have his shares redeemed in full or in part by the Company or any other party.

Other rights

No shares of TK Development A/S carry any special rights. No ownership restrictions apply to the shares.

Treasury shares

At the Annual General Meeting on 28 April 2015, the Board of Directors was authorized, on behalf of the Company, to acquire treasury shares having a nominal value of not more than 10 % of the share capital in order to optimize the Group’s capital structure. The authorization is valid for a period of five years from the adoption of the resolution at the Annual General Meeting.

Rules on insider trading

According to TK Development’s Internal Rules, Management and employees may only trade in the Company’s shares during the six-week period after the publication of annual and interim reports. If Management or employees are in possession of inside information that may influence the pricing of TK Development’s shares, they may not trade in the shares even during the six-week period.