Communication strategy and IR policy

Development of real property involves communication with a number of external stakeholders. This communication is crucial to the value creation in TK Development. The Group’s communication strategy emphasises an open, clear and honest dialogue with stakeholders, such as investors, tenants, shareholders, public authorities, the press and interest groups.

TK Development’s communication strategy emphasises effective, accurate and consistent communication for the purpose of providing the stock market with the best basis for fixing the price of the company’s shares. Furthermore, the information is being communicated considering the principle of equal treatment of investors.

Responsibility for IR activities

TK Development’s Executive Board has overall responsibility for the management of the Company’s IR activities. The Executive Board has sole responsibility for making statements about accounting matters.

Meetings for investors and analysts

During the year, TK Development holds a number of meetings specifically arranged for shareholders, both at its own initiative and at the request of investors. Immediately after the meetings that are held following the publication of annual and half-yearly financial statements, the presentation material can be accessed from the Company’s website.

For three weeks leading up to the quarterly presentation of financial statements, the Company does not issue statements pertaining to market-related factors or the Company’s current development and position. In these “closed periods”, the Company’s Management strives wherever possible not to hold meetings for investors or similar activities.

Communication with shareholders, etc.

Information is communicated to shareholders via announcements of financial results and company announcements, and moreover by circulating dedicated shareholder information immediately after the publication of the annual and half-yearly reports. Company announcements are issued about the Company’s projects when the information is considered likely to affect the pricing of the Company’s shares.

The Group presents annual reports under IFRS, and the use of these standards is considered to provide the requisite information for shareholders and other stakeholders, as well as to enable comparability with other annual reports. The Company publishes annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports.


TK Development places all information published as part of complying with the duty of disclosure laid down by NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S on the Company’s website (

The aim of this is to give the Company’s stakeholders equal opportunities to obtain important information about TK Development quickly and efficiently. For the same reason, it is also possible on the Company’s website to subscribe electronically to the announcements issued by the Company to NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S.

The Board of Directors regularly considers whether information technology can be used to increase communications with the Company’s shareholders.


Shareholders, analysts, the press, investors and other stakeholders with questions for TK Development are welcome to contact:

Søren Kempf Holm, CEO,, tel. +45 88961010

Robert Andersen, Executive Vice President,, tel. +45 88961010