Annual General Meeting

The General Meeting of shareholders is the supreme authority in all corporate matters of TK Development A/S, subject to the limitations provided by Danish law and TK Development A/S’ Articles of Association. The Annual General Meeting must be held in the municipality where TK Development A/S’ registered office is located sufficiently early to permit compliance with the Company’s applicable time limits for the holding of General Meetings and the filing of Annual Reports. General Meetings are convened by the Board of Directors.

Extraordinary General Meetings are held following a resolution by the shareholders in General Meeting or the Board of Directors or at the request of the auditors of TK Development A/S or at the written request of shareholders collectively holding not less than 5 % of the total share capital.

All business transacted at General Meetings, with the exception of alterations to the Articles of Association or a resolution to dissolve the Company, is decided by a simple majority of votes unless otherwise provided by current legislation; see Article 6 of the Company’s Articles of Association.